CreditGo 非常重視客戶服務質素和數據安全。 跟香港許多金融服務機構一樣,CreditGo所提供的信貸資料來自環聯。就近期環聯消費者信貸報告查詢服務的事件,環聯已暫停在香港的所有網上消費者信貸報告查詢服務。 因此,CreditGo目前無法為您提供信貸評級的服務。 當環聯恢復服務後,我們將通知用戶。不便之處,敬請原諒。我們期待在不久的將來為您繼續提供服務。 如有任何疑問,請聯絡。 謝謝!


Customer service and data security are our number one priorities at CreditGo. Like many financial services organisations in Hong Kong, CreditGo obtains consumer credit data from TransUnion. As a result of a recent incident with their consumer credit report service, TransUnion has temporarily suspended all online consumer credit report services in Hong Kong with immediate effect. As a result, CreditGo will be unable to provide you with your credit rating information at this time. We will update all our customers once TransUnion has resumed operations. Please accept our sincere apologies for this temporary interruption of our service and we look forward to assisting you online in the very near future. For any questions, please contact Thank you!

The CreditGo Team